RE:DESIGN/Creative Directors 2015

RE:DESIGN/Creative Directors 2015 will take place in New York City October 26 and 27.

The theme for 2015 is Golden Age or Mid-life Crisis: Creating context in a world that is focused on the small screen. Join Symposiarch Cameron Campbell and a fascinating group of creative leaders as they lead discussions that involve everyone in the room. At Re:Design, we keep things small to encourage conversations and connections, and create a setting where Creative Directors from across the country (and beyond) can talk shop and recharge their creative batteries.

Golden Age or Mid-life Crisis: Creating context in a world that is focused on the small screen

The media states this is the golden age of design. But is it a mid-life crisis? This era of design sees the global population with heads bent, focused on the screens in their hand and oblivious to others or the objects sharing the space around them. It begs to question–where is depth, meaning and significance in a world that is focused on the small screen? Or the power of language in a world communicating via snippets?

How do we as creative directors and strategist view our future and establish an optimistic platform? How do we design to break through the socio-environmental and contextual disengagement that comes from technology today? How do we move beyond the online and social media to understand context? How do we design and create to involve people in their present surroundings and the context of what is designed for them, staying curious ourselves even as those for whom we design are disconnecting? We’ll discuss this and more at Re:Design/Creative Directors 2015.

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The schedule will be posted at a later date. Quick View: Sessions will run from 9:00am to 5:00pm on October 26th followed by cocktails. On October 27th, sessions will run 9:00 am until 3:30pm with cocktails after.

Cameron Campbell
2015 Symposiarch
Director of Strategy, Digital Kitchen

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As Director of Strategy at Digital Kitchen, Cameron works closely with clients and colleagues to create strategies that engage consumers, establish employee culture, build brand awareness and drive business growth. In 17 years of building brand and product strategies, she has worked with such notable clients as the Boeing Company, Herman Miller, Apple, Nike and BMW/MINI, and she prefers to take a collaborative approach to her work, knowing that breakthroughs are born of multiple perspectives. She is adept at creating an integrated whole from many individual parts and is passionate about defining interdisciplinary teams, identifying user needs and envisioning ideas for new behaviors, products and services. Cameron also believes it’s important to be involved in the community whether teaching a strategy class at the local design school, jurying a design competition or applying her experience and skills to nonprofit organizations to help create better places to work, learn and live.


Feedback from past RE:DESIGN/CD attendees

“I wanted to thank you for having me at your amazing event… The quality of conversation surpassed that which I have experienced at all other conferences. The conference has left a lasting impression on me…”

“Congratulations on a stellar event… Everything about the event—the content, format, people—was everything we hoped for and more. The entire experience was perfection… I feel that what we have learned will help us for years to come… Consider us diehard fans.”

“I loved the interaction and the size. Perfect for getting to know people. I think i was able to meet 80-90% of everyone who attended.”