Creative Directors / 2011 Palm Springs

The first RE:DESIGN/Creative Directors conference was held in November 2011 at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in sunny Palm Springs, California.

Speakers and Topics
  • Keynote guest Paula Scher of Pentagram in conversation with Lawrence Azerrad
  • Lawrence Azerrad, LAD: Everest the Band & the Live Rock Epic Design Session. Attendees created artwork in response to live music by the band Everest, who played live. Designers built from pre-xeroxed type and magazine and ephemera, old-school by hand with knife & glue.
  • Adam Connelly, R/GA: The Third Thing: Design + Curation: How design is adapting to address the emerging class of online content curators.
  • Dan Buczaczer, Denuo Group: How Social Media Can Get Creative: Social media gets a lot of attention but has few examples of outstanding creative work so far. What will it take to change that?
  • Andrew Delaney, Getty Images: Democracy and Authenticity: How Crowdsourcing is Changing Content for Design
  • Mark Fox & Angie Wang, Design Is Play: Get Back: Working analog in a digital environment.
  • Shawn Hazen, Hazen Creative: The State of Independents: Go solo. Stay busy. Be successful.
  • Eric Heiman, Volume Inc.: This Is Not a Sagmeister: Thoughts on design after six months in the no work and all play wilderness. What still matters, what must we let go of, what is a load of baloney? Can we create a new road map/manifesto for a meaningful contemporary design practice? In only an hour? Sure!
  • Wally Krantz, Brand Union: Outside Order: How constant picture-taking has influenced his creative process in developing identity programs.
  • Jason Musante, co: collective: File open vs. File new: The evolving role of the Creative Director in an era of collaboration and community.
  • Robynne Raye, Modern Dog Design Co.: The Thin Line: Influence and Infringement.
  • Christopher Simmons, MINE™: Working Small: How (and why) to resist growth, stay small and thrive.
  • Cinthia Wen, NOON and Chair, Graphic Design, CCA: The 1/3 Equation vs. 1/3 Talent: The 1/3 equation (1/3 x +1/3 x +1/3 x ) from the creative direction, designer and client’s perspective.
  • Neal Zimmermann, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners: Creative Ideation: Group vs. Individual. Office vs. Dinner Party. Sober vs. Other. What have you found to work best?
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