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RE:DESIGN/Inspire presents a conversation with VSA Partners’ Dana Arnett

Lawrence Azerrad
The Wilco Loft Design Exploration

Note – This session is limited to 30 attendees. We will post when this session is full.

The Wilco Loft design exploration will be a RE:DESIGN conference session at the loft recording studio of American music legends Wilco. The session conversation will examine the topic of place as inspiration. The themes of Chicago, home, and what that place is are frequently explored in Wilco’s music. As a result, Chicago is a prominent ingredient and source of inspiration in much of the graphic design for Wilco.

Generously opening their working home to our visit, Wilco provides session attendees a look into the very place where some of their music has been conceived, developed, produced and recorded. The loft houses a vast collection of instruments, and is a veritable museum of tools used by the band.

The session will investigate some of the band’s art with one of their managers, Benjamin Levin, and graphic designer Lawrence Azerrad, who has developed art with Wilco’s leader Jeff Tweedy for the last 15 years. The session concludes with an open conversation on place as inspiration and how a specific site can affect one’s work.

To participate in the session, attendees have been asked by Wilco to create an artwork gratis for possible use by the band in the future.

John Bielenberg
When Wrong Is Right

Thinking Wrong can help pull us out of the ruts of the status quo and towards a positive sustainable future. In this session, John utilizes the tools he uses with organizations and their people find the courage and sense of humor to consider whole new “wrong” ways of bringing their stories, ideas and innovations out into the world.

Jennifer Chong
My Antidote to Inspiration Overload

From blogs to Pinterest to Instagram, we are inundated with images on a daily basis. While these can serve as valuable sources of inspiration, sometimes the overabundance does more harm than good. Find yourself in the real world and get re-inspired again.

Shannon Downey
An Unlikely Muse: How a little absurdity can go a long way

Renata Graw
Thinking About Thinking

A discussion about the process of working and how inspiration can come from how we approach things.

Dawn Hancock
The Journey From Junk Mail To Inspiration

How being inspired made me totally depressed and my journey out of it.

Colleen Hill
Beyond The Studio: The Importance of Community

Ideas are not born in a vacuum. Rather, it is through exposure to other ideas, concepts and, most importantly, people that ideas flourish. Our communities foster and sustain these new ideas, and play a pivotal role in the advancement of creativity. As online forums are traded for physical gatherings, how we define community is changing. In this talk we’ll explore the symbiotic relationship between designers and their surroundings, and illustrate how community impacts design as much as designers impact their communities.

Jason Katz

Integrating the concept of story into your work.

Wally Krantz
In The Eye Of The Beholder: Inspiration from the Ubiquitous

In this session, Wally Krantz of The Brand Union will discuss how perpetual picture-taking inspires him by looking outside of the things that are intentionally well-designed and how color, texture, letters, objects, context, connections and disconnections can make the ubiquitous unique. Every day he takes pictures of things that could be beautiful, ugly, exciting, or banal. His observations of these images become a way of discussing with designers and clients why we might notice certain things and why the resonate with us.

Mike McQuade
Trading Inspiration For Investigation

Great ideas are found not imagined. A discussion about using research to stimulate inspiration.

Brian Singer
Engage Through Inspiration

Brian Singer will present “Engage Through Inspiration.” Quote from previous audience member: “I thought you were someone’s assistant all week. Then you pop up on the stage and present this mind-blowing profound thoughtful heart wrenching thing! Geez, man. I literally had to check myself to not start blubbering like a baby.”

John Stevenson
If it isn’t fun, why are you still doing it?

Filmmaker John Stevenson will lead a hands-on session where groups of attendees will brainstorm a movie/story.

Joe Stewart
Starting From Scratch: Finding Inspiration in a Brand New Medium

Inspiration is critical to creativity, but with so few years of digital design to draw on, where should designers working in this young medium look for new ideas? Joe Stewart, Global Creative Director at digital design agency Huge, will share the lessons he has learned from his own experiences in the battle to stay inspired and create great work in a brand new medium.

Michael Surtees
Turning Serendipity Into Predictable Patterns of Inspiration

Following daily rituals of observation using practical tools allows for a heightened ability to capture things that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. When those items are aggregated over weeks and months, new unseen patterns emerge. Creating a visual library based on new themes and topics allows for a rich pattern of inspiration. Instead of waiting for the inspired moment to come, these processes allow for someone to create their own unknown inspiration.

David Usui and Ben Wu
Taking Time: The value of slowing down in professional and personal work

We’re exposed to more content than at any time in history. And yet, the amount of time we have to consume it isn’t increasing. As consumers and creators we’re especially affected by this. In this presentation we’ll explore the notion of catering to short attention spans and what happens when you assume the opposite when creating your work.

Martin Venezky
It’s All About The Next Step

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