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What We Can Learn from Accelerators

Accelerators have changed how early startups grow and learn at the beginning of their life cycles. Come hear some of the learnings, both good and bad, that come out of growing a company with a group of other like minded entrepreneurs.

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What We Can Learn from Telling a Great Story

Everything about user experience is making things into a good story, from figuring out the product offering to pitching ideas to making visual decisions. UX people tend to think in abstract structures (frameworks, objects, methods), but your success or failure in getting something good done depends more on putting the ideas into a narrative that grabs people and engages their needs and desires. We’ll look at what that might mean for some famous products as case-studies, and some tools to help you tell your stories.

What We Can Learn from the Connected Objects Around Us

It’s time to start thinking of user experiences as ecosystems: where a variety of connected devices and GUIs work together, greater than the sum of their individual parts. As the vision of ubiquitous computing becomes real, we as experience designers must anticipate how to provide meaningful and intuitive interactions with the connected objects around us.

What We Can Learn from Graphic Design

As the industry of user experience rapidly changes each discipline needs to adapt and evolve with it. User experience design has moved from static to interactive, and now is being distributed across user touch points, devices, and platforms. Visual and interaction design disciplines are working more closely and collaboratively in order to solve design problems. Branding and visual language are no longer the logo in the top left corner. Join me for a re-introduction of the theories and practice behind the graphic design discipline and discussion about the the future of collaboration in teams of user experience designers.

What We Can Learn from a Salesperson

Believe it or not, if you’re a designer you’re a salesperson. Whether you’re at a design agency, a start-up, or a big company, you sell solutions to problems. As designers increasingly take on the role of innovators and entrepreneurs, how you sell is equally as important as what you sell. We’ll explore the components of a successful pitch, how to use improv to deepen your persuasive power, and how to know your audience so that your story (what you’re “selling”) becomes personal and purposeful.

What We Can Learn from Change

Whether you are transitioning from print to digital, or desktop to mobile: change is the only constant. A look at approaching digital media experiences for news, magazines, and video; how we can bridge traditional storytelling techniques in new non-traditial formats.

What We Can Learn from a Rule-Breaker

Great design offers new ways of perceiving and interpreting the world around us. And great design ideas that change the world can be the product of risk taking, of breaking the rules and choosing to not “play it safe.” Rule Breakers are change agents who shape a more liberating reality. Brand evolution can be the product of turning the status quo upside down, doing the unexpected and unconventional, and forging methodologies that defy and redefine limits. The strategic benefits of rule breaking are realized across the design industry, the internal and external business environment, society, and the overall user experience. Join us as we learn how implementing rule-breaking processes can facilitate managing cultural expectations in a global setting, help manage failures and aspirations, guide entrepreneurship and frugal innovation, and enhance business and client relationships.

What We Can Learn from a Filmmaker

The job title “UX Designer” has become some warped that it no longer means anything. In this session, we’ll consider the role of a film director as a potential analog. A film director doesn’t (necessarily) do anything — all of the execution is carried out by specific craftspeople. The job of the director is to orchestrate these activities in order to deliver a singular vision. A director likely came up through a specific craft (writing, acting, editing, cinematography), but through experience and vision, has come to lead across all of these functions. Our community needs a similar role, coordinating the the specific crafts of interaction design, information architecture, and visual design, and leading that team toward great outcomes.

What We Can Learn from Rock Stars

The UX Discipline is leaving the library. In today’s world, experience is our greatest form of communication. As we embark on this adventure of digital and real-world experience design, we will need to know more than metadata. Rock stars move us in droves on a primal level. Let’s talk about just what rock stars have been building into their songs, antics, stage shows, and personas that can make us better designers.

Session info coming soon.

What We Can Learn from Bad Remodels

We learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. So let’s take a look at some really bad designs and find the lessons. Bad design is bad design. Be it a hacky website, Mangyongdae Fun Fair, the tragically horrible North Korean theme park or a McMansion on a postage-stamp-sized lot, we can look at the choices designers make that lead them in the wrong direction and attempt to avoid their pitfalls.

Context Design: What We Can Learn from a Coffee Shop, a Grocer, and a Dictionary

As human beings, we’re constantly putting the world around us into context – whether it’s forgiving someone who was late because the train got delayed or knowing where to find the cream and sugar in a coffee shop, a grocer or a dictionary. Unfortunately, digital lags in this area — we spend more time discussing the dimensions of the device we’re designing for than the user and the context they (and their device) are in. Learn how to apply geographic, social and emotional context from offline examples into your digital strategy and design.

What We Can Learn from Disruptors

Description coming soon.

What We Can Learn from Gaming

Description coming soon.

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